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EasyRedirectScript Review

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Courtesy of Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos

The Bottom Line

If you are an affiliate marketer then you need this. EasyRedirectScript will save you huge amounts of time, protect your commissions and increase clicks. Installs fast, is extremely stable and you have full control. Using redirect scripts are an absolute must for any site that uses affiliate links.


  • Installs super fast and easy
  • Allows one dashboard for managing and tracking all affiliate links
  • Creates professional and clean urls for all affiliate links


  • At $77 it isn't cheap
  • It is an extra step when preparing a campaign


  • Made by JasonFladlien and Wilson Mattos
  • Cost: $77
  • License is for multiple site install with one year free updates.
  • Links are organized by categories and can be chosen in any of six formats.

Guide Review - EasyRedirectScript Review

Ease of Use: Installs via a ftp client (like FileZilla or Direct FTP by CoffeeCup) in just seconds. Once the folder is uploaded into the root of the desired domain, you will need to set up your account one time, by entering your new username, password and the serial key. Its that simple. In a matter of five minutes you can be creating slick redirects.

3 Problems with URL Shorteners / Cloakers that EasyRedirect Fixes:

  1. Many ISPs and office servers will block shortened urls (like bit.ly) because they often collect and share your data.
  2. Because they can arbitrarily change or close, you risk losing all of your affiliate links. Affiliate links are a marketers inventory and need to be protected.
  3. Shortened urls are impossible to remember.

How EasyRedirectScript fixes these three problems:

  1. Your links aren’t shortened, they use your own domain which is recognized as a stable and trusted name. This means that your links won’t be blocked/banned by your clients servers or their ISP.
  2. If your affiliate partners change their links or go out of business, you can adjust this in the dashboard of the EasyRedirectScript in just seconds. This means no lost inventory.
  3. And because the redirects use your domain and words (not numbers, punctuation and upper/lower case letters) the link is very easy to remember.

Which link do you prefer?

  • www.affiliatepartner.com/r.cfm%3F (standard affiliate tracking link)
  • www.mydomain.com/affiliate (clean, professional and memorable url redirect script)

What kind of redirect script can be used? If you are creating the redirect manually there is just two. With EasyRedirectScript, there are five (taken from easyredirectscript.com):

  1. A Standard Redirect (Also Known as a 302 redirect) is the most common type of redirection.
  2. An SEO redirect (Also Known as a 301 redirect) is used when you wish to pass on page rank and other search engine position status.
  3. Stealth Page A Stealth Page allows you to force your redirect URL to show up in the URL box in a browser. You can also title the page. This is different than a regular redirect where – after a user goes through your redirect link – they see the final destination URL of the page (and page title). Now you can completely control the destination URL to keep you from getting your commissions stolen or loss… And you’ll appear even more credible in your marketing since you’re sending them to YOUR page URL.
  4. Stealth Redirect There are a number of times when a Stealth Redirect comes in handy. For example let’s say you want to promote a product, and want to bypass the squeeze page and go directly to the sales page. Or maybe you want to write your own sale page and just direct-link to their order form.
  5. Promo Redirect A Promo Redirect is where you can “splash” an ad for a set number of seconds before the person is taken to the page you wish to take them to. Big sites like Men’s Health, MSNBC & CNN use this technology.
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