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How To Become a Professional Blogger

7 Steps to be Pro Blogger


Professional Blogger

Professional Blogger

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First of all, What is a pro blogger?

Good question. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll describe a professional blogger as someone who makes their living by blogging. Of course, there are lots of ways to make money blogging, but that is another topic.

For many, it is a dream job. Take some photos, write a few posts and make a living. Say goodbye to the daily commute and cubicle. Professional bloggers can work from almost anywhere: coffee shops, park benches or at home in their pajamas. Well, it might not be quite that simple, but it sure beats the daily office grind.

Because it can take a while for a new blog to get established, many bloggers look for paid blogging jobs. The following tips apply both to your own blog and to contract blogging.

7 Steps to Being a Professional Blogger:

1. Choose a Narrow Niche

Your niche is important. Not only for your blog, but also for your brand. To be a successful blogger you need to develop your brand - and your niche is a critical part of your brand. Your niche should answer the question: What are you an expert in?

What if you are already blogging? Narrow your current niche. Only the narrow blogs survive.

2. Create Your Own Blog

This goes without saying. If you are going to make your living via your blog, you’re going to need one.

Many full time bloggers run 2, 3 or more blogs. Your blog serves as a resume of sorts - showcasing the quality of your writing. When you apply for a blogging job, they'll likely want to see examples of your work. What better example could you provide than your own blog?

Ready to start your blog? Here is your blog quick start guide.

3. Study Your Art

Like every professional, a pro blogger should take the time to improve their skills. Not only will this improve the quality of your content, it will also make everything go faster.

Here are three top bloggers who write about running a successful blog.

And while it’s good to learn about blogging, there are other skills you’ll need. Grammar, photo and video editing skills are also important. Bloggers need to have a full skill set.

4. Look For Blogging Jobs

If you are interested in contract blogging, take the time to search out the right opportunities. Some jobs pay just $5-10 per article. Others pay $75-250 per article. General contracts can pay even more, especially when management / promotion of the blog is involved. Searching for a blogging job requires dedication. Some sites publish new opportunities daily, others weekly. You’ll want to apply promptly - the good gigs get lots of attention.

This list of paid blogging jobs is a great place to start.

5. Guest Blog

While it’s nice to get paid for writing, it will be hard at first. Guest posting, for free, is a great way to practice your art and get some feedback from people outside of your regular readers.

Another benefit to guest posting is traffic. Some top blogs don’t pay for guest posts but they will include a link back to your site in your bio. This will give you significant, targeted traffic back to your blog.

6. Be Social Media Active

Love it or hate it - social media is a key component to every bloggers marketing plan. But this isn't the same as sharing jokes and funny pictures on Facebook. Learn how to properly setup your profiles, how to share content and interact with fans/followers. For your blog, you are going to need Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Most bloggers also use YouTube, but this depends on your specifics. Remember that Google+ and Facebook both host videos as well.

7. Monetize Your Site

Don’t forget to add some way to make money with your site. Direct ads, click ads or affiliate links should be visible on your site from the beginning.

How much traffic is needed before you monetize your site? Some feel that you need an audience first. I recommend monetizing from day one.

Being a professional blogger can be very rewarding and profitable. But you should remember this: blogging takes time.

You’ll need solid commitment to keep blogging long after the majority of new bloggers have moved on. If you stick to it, and follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way.

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