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9 Essential WordPress Plugins

Improve Your WordPress Blog With These Required Plugins


Building your site with WordPress is a great idea. If you have opted for a self-hosted WordPress installation then you have full flexibility. You can customize your theme and add specific plugins. Plugins can help add new features and function to your site.

With thousands of plugins available for WordPress, it is hard to know just where to start. Knowing which plugins can help you increase traffic, generate more revenue, build your subscriber list means you will spend less time designing and more time on your business. Here are the top nine plugins for WordPress blogs:

9 Essential WordPress Plugins

1. nRelate Related Content Plugin (Creating a Better User Experience)

nRelate: Related Content
Courtesy of nRelate

nRelate's Related Content Plugin is the best related content plugin that I've used. It looks great, increases site page-views and its free. The related posts plugin improves readers experience by providing relevant content on every page. It is highly customizable and works flawlessly. Produced by nRelate.

Build Blog Traffic With These Free Related Content Plugins: The 8 Best Related Content Plugins for WordPress

2. Tweet Old Post (Draw Attention to Archived Posts)

Tweet Old Post simply creates a tweet out of your old blog posts and sends to your Twitter account. This tweet helps draw attention and traffic back to your valuable set of older content.

The plugin is very stable and connects directly to your Twitter account. The menu allows for full scale customization, including adding #hashtags and introductions, and controlling send time and volume.

Tweet Old Post is a great way to increase blog traffic.

3. Blog Vault (Automatic WordPress Backups)

BlogVault, WordPress Backup
Courtesy of BlogVault

Blogging takes up enough mental space without having to worry about potential crashes and malicious hacks. If you are serious about blogging you need a solid backup service that you can depend on. BlogVault is the best service I've tested and it will restore a site in minutes, exactly as before: complete with all site modifications including plugins and formatting. BlogVault can also be used to migrate a site to a new domain or a new area on the existing domain. Highly recommended.

4. Contest Domination (Build Viral Contests)

Contest Domination, WordPress Plugin
Courtesy of Contest Domination
  1. Complete Contest Management: It manages the contest smoothly, tracking entries and even randomly choosing the winner(s). It is everything that is needed in a contest management plug-in.
  2. Social Media Integration: It integrates social media and rewards social sharing. This feature make the Contest Domination plugin great.

If you are planning a contest for your online business, I recommend Contest Domination. It works smoothly, will boost your social media reach and it is very inexpensive.

5. Max Banner Ads (Ad Management For WordPress)

Max Banner Ads
Courtesy of MaxBlogPress

For blog ad management, this is the best tool I've tried or seen. It's clean, rotates the ads and tracks impressions and clicks. If you plan on selling ads (or using affiliate ads) on your blog, you need this plugin. The basic version is free. The Pro version is identical, with the exception that the credit line is removed. This plugin will save you time and make you money.

Running ads on your site isn't just about generating revenue. This plugin can be also be used to highlight other sections on your site. Generate a small image and link to specific areas of your site. Or use the ads to promote your other sites and blogs. Either way, this plugin can help increase traffic and/or revenue on your sites.

6. Pop Up Domination (Build Your Email List Automatically)

Popup Domination
Courtesy of Popup Domination

An awesome email marketing campaign, without a subscriber list is rather pointless. But how can you build an email list from scratch?

I recently tested the Popup Domination plugin for Word Press (it is also available as a standalone version). Because it is a "popup" I was skeptical. I hate popups - just like every other internet user.

But this is different. It really works. In fact, it works really, really well. This is the type of tool that will literally make the difference between success and failure in your online business. Or if you are already doing well, it will increase your profits exponentially.

It's very simple to setup and the signups just start flowing in.

7. Link Within (Related Content Plugin)

Courtesy of LinkWithin

Why I Love LinkWithin:

  • First of all, its free. Nothing wrong with that. But it isn't like many free tools. It works like a premium plug-in.
  • You don't need to register to use it. Simply fill out three fields (email, blog link and platform), download the plug-in and you're good to go.
  • It adds visual interest to the blog - adding from 3-5 thumbnails with titles/links at the bottom of every post.
  • But the most important reason I love LinkWithin, is that is works! Its sole reason is to generate more page views - and works amazingly. Because it is located at the bottom of each post, it encourages readers to click and read more on the same topic.

8. Backup Buddy (An Automated WordPress Backup Plugin)

Backup Buddy - WordPress Backup Plugin
Courtesy of iThemes

As a blogger, running backups are probably not your priority. Social media, content creation and monetization probably all trump site backups. But you need to backup your work - your whole Web site - not just the database and Backup Buddy will do this for you. Once it’s setup, you won’t need to worry about it again. Except of course, unless your site crashes. But then Backup Buddy will get you back online in a matter of minutes.

9. EasyRedirectScript Review (Affiliate Link Management)

Okay, so this one actually isn't a plugin. This is tool that installs inside of its own WordPress install. But if you are an affiliate marketer then you need this.

EasyRedirectScript will save you huge amounts of time, protect your commissions and increase clicks. Installs fast, is extremely stable and you have full control. Using redirect scripts are an absolute must for any site that uses affiliate links.

3 Problems with URL Shorteners / Cloakers that EasyRedirect Fixes:

  • Many ISPs and office servers will block shortened urls (like bit.ly) because they often collect and share your data.
  • Because they can arbitrarily change or close, you risk losing all of your affiliate links. Affiliate links are a marketers inventory and need to be protected.
  • Shortened urls are impossible to remember.

Learn more about redirect scripts.

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