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Blogging for Your Online Business


Blogging is an effective way to reach prospects and clients. Learn how to build a community with your blog. You'll also learn how to engage and educate, and what to do when you run out of content.
  1. Promoting Your Blog
  2. Using Social Media to Promote Your Blog
  3. Blog Search Engines
  4. Daily Operation of Your Blog

Promoting Your Blog

To write a good blog is important. But you also need to help people find you. Twitter is a critical blog promotion tool, as is listing within the major blog search engines.

Using Social Media to Promote Your Blog

While blogging and social media are technically two different things, they are actually very similar. Both require the active involvement of a listening community. Here are a number of social tools that can be used in management and promotion of your blog.

Blog Search Engines

Having a blog is one thing. Having readers is something else. Listing your blog in the right search engines can mean the difference between success and failure.

Daily Operation of Your Blog

A couple of the biggest hurdles that bloggers hit is: content and style. Knowing what to say, and how to say it is key for a successful blog.

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