1. Money

Building Your Website

So you've crafted your idea and now you're ready to start building your online store? Great! Here's what you need to know:
  1. Web Site Layout and Design

The Top 10 Premium Web Hosts
While there are lots of inexpensive web hosts there are significant benefits to using a premium hosting service. They are generally more stable and able to handle higher levels of traffic. Also, virtual and dedicated servers aren't affected by other users traffic. If you have big plans for your blog, you should consider a premium web host.

Pagelines Profile: Code Free Design
Every so often something happens that changes the all rules (making) business easier and more effective. Pagelines has done just that.

12 Site Features You Must Consider
The number of available site features are endless. Some may add little benefit to achieving your objective. Consider these 12 site functions.

What is a WordPress Theme?
A WordPress theme is what gives certain design and function to your WordPress installation. Regardless of whether you choose WordPress.org or WordPress.com you will need a theme. Here's what you need to know.

What is a WordPress Framework?
There is confusion among many bloggers: What is a WordPress framework? and just how does it differ from a standard WordPress theme?

Learn about Pagelines
Who is Pagelines? Pagelines is a private company headed by Andrew Powers that designs WordPress themes. Because of the flexibility of these WordPress themes, they refer to it as a "framework" - which is simply a powerful theme. Learn about their offering and read comprehensive review.

Design a Blog with Pagelines
Designing your blog can be a complicated (and expensive) assignment. While WordPress is a powerful content management system, some of the themes are limited. Learn about Pagelines WordPress theme and how it might help simplify your blog design and management.

Review of Website Builder Tool by Network Solutions
If you are eager to get your website online today, then the Website Builder Tool is a very good option. Learn just what to expect in this review.

Review of Pagelines 2.2
Review of Pagelines 2.2: Check out all the new features and learn about the new backend that will make your WordPress site run faster and smoother.

How Related Content Plugins Can Increase Your Blog Traffic
Learn how related content plugins can increase your blog traffic - automatically. Install the plugin once and let it increase your traffic for years to come. Now all you have to do is write great stuff.

Learn About MyWebsite Building Tool with 1&1
Lauren Whitson is 1and1 company spokesperson. In this in-depth interview, she discusses 1&1's popular site building tool: MyWebsite. Before you begin studying HTML and CSS take a few minutes to see if this application might be all you need to build your Web site.

Genesis vs Pagelines: WordPress Framework Comparison
Considering Genesis or Pagelines WordPress framework, but not sure which one to choose? Detailed comparison of features, differences and costs.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name
When choosing a domain name, what are the most important factors? Domain expert Brad Pineau explains how to choose the right domain name. In this comprehensive Q&A, Brad covers everything from length of registration, domain registrars and even domain grammar.

WordPress Theme Review: Genesis Framework
If you’re new to blogging (or want to get busy blogging) and don’t want to mess with the design then you should buy the Genesis Framework. Even if you are new to blogging and WordPress, you’ll easily get up and running in a couple of hours. Chose from one of the more than for a personalized design. In terms of ease of use, Genesis is the best...

Review Pagelines PlatformPro WordPress Theme
WordPress theme creator, Pagelines, came virtually out-of-nowhere to become one of the top developers of premium WordPress blog and Web site designs in the world. They quickly became known as the makers of "Drag & Drop Theme Framework". Are you using PlatformPro? Please share your review. See submissions See submissions See submissions See...See submissions

Using Child Themes for Wordpress
According to WordPress.org: "A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme." But how is it used, and why?

Editing Vector Images For the Web
Understanding how to make slight adjustments to vector images can save time and money. Learn the basics of vector (clip art) and what can be done with it. Learn how to edit images quickly and accurately.

Interview with Andrew Powers of PageLines
Interview with Andrew Powers of PageLines - Developers of WordPress Themes and Websites

42 Free WordPress Themes for Business
Here is a full set of free WordPress themes for business. Each theme is produced by a professional design firm. Worth looking at before you purchase one.

Review Genesis Framework WordPress Theme
Genesis Framework by StudioPress is one of the most popular theme systems for blogging with WordPress. They offer one of the most stable and most versatile blogging themes available. Check out these user reviews before making your decision to purchase. See submissions See submissions

How to Create a Favicon Ico File – Favicon Generators
Customizing your Web site is so much easier than it used to be. For example, just a few years ago it was extremely uncommon to find a site using favicons. Favicons = favorites + icons. Favicons are the tiny icon (16 pixels X 16 pixels) that display in the address bar of your Web browser and in the bookmarks. Today, it is the rare site without a customized icon.

How to Start Outsourcing

SquadHelp.com Review – CrowdSourcing Evolved
SquadHelp.com Review – CrowdSourcing Evolved

How To Design Your Website
Regardless of if you are going to hire a designer, use free WordPress software or learn professional software like Adobe Dreamweaver to create your site, there are a number of things to consider before you break ground on construction of your new site.

How To Outsource - Outsourcing for Your Online Business

4 Areas of Website Design
With site objectives and site functions determined, it’s time to get down designing. This is where we begin to plan what the site will actually look like – the overall design, how content will be arranged and how to navigate through the sections. There are four main areas of design to consider:

Establishing Your Website Objectives
A website without objectives is like going on a trip without a destination. How will you know when you've arrived? In the words of the Cheshire Cat: “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

10 Simple Design Tips

Good Web Site Design for Web Site Optimization
10 Design Points to Consider

How to Connect a WordPress Blog to Contribute CS5
How to Connect a WordPress Blog to Adobe Contribute CS5

Adobe Contribute CS5 Review
Adobe Contribute CS5 Review - Profile of Adobes Web Site and Blog Publishing and Management Tool

5 Reasons to Use Adobe Photoshop
Are you considering Photoshop? Here are five great reasons you should edit your photos with Photoshop.

Top Five Features in Photoshop CS5
The newest version of Adobe Photoshop offers more than 12 significant new features, from easier editing to faster workflow. Here are my five favorites:

How to Save Images for the Web in Photoshop
Why the "Save for Web/Devices" feature in Adobe Photoshop is a crucial feature - and a nine step tutorial on how to use it.

Pagelines PlatformPro Review
Pagelines PlatformPro Review - The First Coding-Free WordPress Theme. If you are new to site design, or an experienced pro, this theme will do what you need. You don't need to know a stitch of code, and it works just as advertised. If you aren't sure if this is what you need, try the free basic version.

Top Five New Features in Illustrator
An Introduction to Illustrator. Illustrator CS5 Review - Top Five New Features in Illustrator CS5

Adobe Web Premium CS5 Review

It can be challenging to sort out the plethora of choices when it comes to site design and image editors. Despite the price, Adobe Web Premium CS5 the best option. It does everything that you'll need and all the components work well together.

Here is the guide review of some of the primary programs in Web Premium CS5.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro Review
Adobe Acrobat X Pro Review - What's New and Improved in Adobe's Latest Release. Create & Collaborate With Ease - New & Improved Features in Acrobat X Pro

Review of Backup Buddy - a WordPress Backup Plugin
As a blogger, running backups are probably not your priority. But they are a necessary part of blogging. Backup Buddy is an automated plug-in for WordPress backups that'll keep all your data safe. Read the full review.

Max Banner Ads PRO: WordPress Ad Management Plugin
Max Banner Ads PRO: Max Banner Ads is a WordPress plugin for managing ads on blogs and Web sites. Check out the reviews and feedback on this free tool.See submissions

Review of Max Banner Ads PRO: WordPress Ad Management
Review of Max Banner Ads PRO: For blog ad management, this is the best tool I've tried or seen. It's clean, rotates the ads and tracks impressions and clicks. If you plan on selling ads (or using affiliate ads) on your blog, you need this plugin. The basic version is free. The Pro version is identical, with the exception that the credit line is...

LinkWithin Plugin Profile: Generate More Traffic
LinkWithin is a free Web site plugin. Its purpose is to promote other posts within your blog/site. Learn how this simple and free plugin can dramatically increase your page-views.

PageLines 2.0 Review: Build Your WordPress Website
PageLines newest release: PageLines 2.0 is by far their strongest. Check out the improvements and new features. For a versatile site and blog, you should consider using this framework. Do what you want - all code free.

Best Blogging Platform
Is WordPress the best or highly over rated? Do you love the variety of free themes? Do you love Google's Blogger or is it overly simplistic? Please share up to three of your favorites.

nRelate Related Content Plugin Review
Full review of nRelates related content plugin for Wordpress. A related content plugin can increase your pageviews - thus increases site conversion and profitability.

The 8 Best Related Content Plugins for WordPress
A well designed related content plugin can increase site traffic and blog search engine optimization. Check out this set of the best eight.

What’s New in Photoshop CS6?
Photoshop is powerful photo editing and creation software, produced by Adobe. There are three powerful new features in Photoshop CS6 that offer significant benefits over Photoshop CS5 and earlier versions. Learn what they are and how to use them.

Photoshop CS6 For Bloggers, Marketers & Online Business Owners
Not sure if Photoshop is worth it for bloggers and online business owners? Do edited, quality photos really matter? Learn how Photoshop CS6 is a bloggers best friend.

Why Use Self-Hosted WordPress?
There are lots of things to learn as you begin blogging. But you don't want to worry about hosting issues after you start. Learn why professionals almost always choose self-hosted WordPress installations over all of the other options for their blogs.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org - Whats the Difference?
Choosing between either WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org can be confusing. Many bloggers don't even know the difference. Here's what you need to know:

Review of BlogVault: WordPress Backup Service
Blogging takes up enough mental space without having to worry about potential crashes and malicious hacks. If you are serious about blogging you need a solid backup service that you can depend on. BlogVault is the best service I've tested and it will restore a site in minutes.

9 Essential WordPress Plugins
With thousands of plugins available for WordPress, it is hard to know just where to start. Knowing which plugins can help you increase traffic, generate more revenue, build your subscriber list means you will spend less time designing and more time on your business. Here are the top nine plugins for WordPress blogs:

Shareaholic Review: Social Blog Tools
Shareaholic creates a set of tools to encourge social sharing on your blog and web site. Learn about the different tools: which ones should you use and which ones are done better.

WP Dolly Plugin Profile and Developer Interview
Concerned about a site crash or hack? What would you do? A good backup tool is what you need. I recently had the chance to speak with Maxx Kremer, the developer / creator of WP Dolly, a WordPress backup plugin.

3 Alternatives to WordPress
WordPress is the world's most popular blogging platform. Despite its popularity, it has limitations. Here are 3 alternatives:

Top 5 Free Blogging Platforms
Choosing a free blogging platform is a great step to generating new traffic for your business. Great blog are more about content and less about how much they cost to run. Learn the top five free blogging platforms and start your blog today.

Options for WordPress Backups
So you've built you site with WordPress? Excellent. It's one of the best platforms available for site and blog construction. But have you ever wondered, "What if?"

How To Build a Custom WordPress Site Without Coding
Do you want a custom site, but don't want to learn how to code it? Design Control is the new module inside of Pagelines that allows full customization of

Serif’s PhotoPlus Review
If you aren’t familiar with Photoshop and just want a basic photo editing program, then count yourself lucky. Photoshop has what the industry calls a "steep learning curve" – and there’s no one challenging that. PhotoPlus is very easy to use. It comes with QuickFix Studio and Filter Gallery which will walk you thought adjusting any of your...

Best Free WordPress Theme Designer
What designer makes the best free WordPress themes? Who doesn't love a great free WordPress theme? Who makes the best ones? Looking for some free themes right now? Check out 42 Free WordPress Themes for Business to get started.

Best Premium WordPress Theme Designer
Who is the best premium WordPress theme? Premium (or pay) WordPress themes stand out as different - or at least they should. Who makes your favorite premium themes? Interested to learn more about premium themes? Check out this head to head comparison of Genesis vs Pagelines.

Cheap Domain Names: How To Buy Them
There are lots of places to buy cheap domain names. This doesn't make it easier. Buying a cheap domain name can be confusing. These six tips will help you choose a great, cheap domain.

Learn About Genesis Framework
Genesis Framework is a WordPress based theme by StudioPress. It is a powerful format for new and professional bloggers. The combination of framework with child themes makes it a stable and dynamic platform to build a successful blog. Learn more about Genesis Framework.

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