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How Related Content Plugins Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

Neil Mody Explains Related Content Plugins by nRelate


Neil Mody, nRelate Related Content

Neil Mody, nRelate Related Content

Courtesy of Neil Mody

Neil Mody is a tech veteran and the founder of nRelate. In this feature interview, Neil explains how their related content plugins can automatically generate higher page-views and improve SEO.

Bryan Haines: Please explain what nRelate is? What products do you offer?

Neil Mody: nRelate is a NYC based startup that offers web publishers tools to increase engagement and make more money. nRelate does this through through a suite of products that offer content recommendations and content marketing. Right now we offer 3 products - Related Content, Most Popular, and Flyout, for sites that help increase traffic about 6% for sites.

Bryan Haines: What is the purpose of your products?

Neil Mody: Simply to answer that age old question of “what to do next?” After reading this article, wouldn’t it be nice to give you something else great to read? That is exactly what we do! If you have ever seen the box at the end of sites titled “Related Articles” or “You May Also Like” - you have seen our software. We aim to get you to another article that is worth reading without you having to do any work at all besides a click. As of May 2012, we are now doing this for about 20 people every second of the day. It is really amazing how we are now helping millions of people a day get to more of the content they want to read and at the same time rewarding the content creators with more traffic and money.

Bryan Haines: Please explain why bloggers should use a related content plugin.

Neil Mody: Bloggers have so much great information to share, so why not maximize the chance people will read it? With free tools like ours, we allow every content site, from the casual blogger to the biggest newspapers in the world the ability to engage more with their readers by giving them more of what they are looking for.

Bryan Haines: What differentiates your Related Posts plugin from the other options, like LinkWithin?

Neil Mody: First off, we don’t link people through our servers like some of these services do. We think your traffic should be your traffic and worse we have heard some companies (not specifically LinkWithin) do questionable things when they route you through their servers. For us, your traffic is your traffic and all links to your own site should go straight to you. Secondly, our plugin is open source and you can customize the look and feel completely. Thirdly, we fully support our products - if you have a problem let us know, we are here to help the community. Finally, we are improving our products non-stop; just look at our current offerings and I think you will see that we are the best option in the market in terms of ease of use, support, and flexibility.

Bryan Haines: Are there search engine optimization benefits or dangers when using related post plugins? Please explain.

Neil Mody: Yes, any SEO expert will tell you that linking to another site even to reroute to your own is a no-go when it comes to SEO optimization for your site. Any site owner should be careful not to use anything that does this. When a tool like this takes your own site links and makes them link through their service, they are essentially destroying the deep linking and crawling that a search company does for your site. I strongly suggest people read up on some of the products out there that do this.

Bryan Haines: What type of increase in traffic can a blogger expect when using a plugin like Related Posts?

Neil Mody: Sites see about a 6% lift in traffic. We actually have sites that do more than 20% lift, so it does vary by the site and how our unit is used. Beyond traffic, we also help with other key web metrics like average time on site, page views per visitor, and with our ad platform can help a site make more money as well.

Bryan Haines: How difficult are your plugins to use, both to install and customize?

Neil Mody: Our plugins are the simplest most flexible and customizable out there. We can be installed in less than a minute and live on a average size site in less than 30 minutes. As far as customization goes, we have so many sites who have customized so much that we can’t even recognize our software when we see it. We really believe in the open source community and try to support it through making the front-end of our platform completely customizable and open source.

Bryan Haines: Many of your products offer a monetization feature. Can bloggers use their own affiliate programs or is it unique to your pay-per-click program?

Neil Mody: Currently it is only our pay per click program. We are coming out with more monetization options in the future, but it is worth noting that this is very different than the common Pay Per Click programs out there. We link to content that site visitors would like to read as opposed to what you see in most pay per click programs - products that you likely don’t even want. If you are reading content, we try to get you to another piece of content that is valuable even if it is sponsored.

Bryan Haines: What type of earnings can be expected?

Neil Mody: As almost all online advertising goes, the market changes by the second, and different verticals can really change outcomes but generally speaking, we are making sites somewhere in the range of $0.60 - $1.20 per thousand impressions.

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