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nRelate Related Content Plugin Review

Improve Site Navigation and Site SEO With This Wordpress Plugin

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Related Content Plugin by nRelate

Related Content Plugin by nRelate

Courtesy of nRelate

The bottom line:

If you want to improve your reader experience through simpler navigation, you won’t find an easier to use related content plugin. It installs easily and is simple to customize. The plugin will increase the amount of time visitors stay on your site and, if used correctly, should improve the SEO of your site/domain.


  • Completely customizable. Comes with numerous themed / preset options or add your own CSS
  • Can be added below each post and/or page, or as a widget in the sidebar or footer.
  • Ability to monetize your traffic with optional sponsored ads section.


  • While it is easy to customize the number of options can take a little time to get just right.
  • Pay per click rate is fairly low.

nRelate Related Content Plugin Description

  • It is an easily installed WordPress plugin.
  • Light on site resources - no noticeable decrease in page load time.
  • Produced by nRelate
  • Comes in two other versions, that can be used at the same time: Flyout and Most Popular Plugin.

Guide Review

As a longtime LinkWithin user, I wasn’t looking for another related content plugin. I was already using both LinkWithin and YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) on many of my sites. LinkWithin offered a visual format, using icons automatically created from site images and YARPP offered a text based related posts add on. Together they created a dynamic set of suggestions for readers. I was seeing pageview increases of 4-10% daily. This is enough to make any blogger very happy.

When I was introduced to nRelate, I was skeptical at first. Every new plugin that gets installed has the potential to harm or even crash the site. Although it is uncommon, it certainly happens.

What I Love About nRelate

  • Ability to exclude specific blog categories. This is useful because some categories only address news topics - topics that probably aren’t of interest to many readers after a few weeks or months.
  • Choose between promoting pages, posts or both. In many cases, pages are not ideally suited to be promoted on every post - where posts of related content are. This option allows you to choose.
  • Customize the appearance. nRelate brings customizing to a new level. See list below.
  • Ability to display posts from your other sites (as listed in your blogroll) and how many of each to display at one time. This is a great way to share traffic between your sites.
  • There is an option to display the widget as Javascript or non-Javascript. Not using Javascript allows search engines to crawl the inserted links, thus providing a certain SEO benefit.
  • Option to insert advertising into the widget and get paid per click. The sponsored link is built right into the widget, making it looks like the other recommended posts.
  • It doesn’t take readers off my site. Compared to other plugins that redirect traffic with every click (thus harming SEO).

9 Ways To Customize nRelate Related Content Plugin

  1. Choose between text links and thumbnails
  2. Choose the size of each thumbnail (from 80px to 150px square)
  3. Choose how many thumbnails you want to display
  4. Add a default thumbnail image in case one of your posts doesn’t have an image
  5. Choose the title of your Related Content box
  6. Choose post relevancy - according to keywords and titles. Options are low, medium and high. Low relevancy is recommended, otherwise no or few results may be returned. This depends on how much coverage you’ve given to specific topics on your blog.
  7. Choose to show the post title or not, how many characters to display and if an excerpt from the post should be displayed.
  8. Choose where you’ll display the plugin: top of post, bottom of post or both. Also, choose to insert it as a widget in the sidebar or footer.
  9. For the overall appearance, choose from 8 pre-set CSS styles. Or insert your own CSS for a style to match your own site.

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