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Pagelines PlatformPro Review

A True Drag-and-Drop WordPress Theme

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PlatformPro is made by Pagelines. Read the PlatformPro Profile.

The Bottom Line

If you are new to site design, or an experienced pro, this theme will do what you need. You don't need to know a stitch of code, and it works just as advertised.

About PlatformPro and Pagelines

Pagelines is a premium WordPress theme design company. Their offering has been just 4 unique themes – each with a free and a pay version. This pales in comparison to the 20, 40 or 100 themes that some designers offer for the WordPress platform.

When asked why, Andrew Powers, company founder, commented that they "wanted to put out a product that we could be really proud of". Mission accomplished. Their themes are hands-down the best, most functional and most stable that I have ever seen or used.

And now they are one-upping themselves.

They have released a new theme called PlatformPro. (Visit Manufacturer's Site)

When Andrew explained this idea to me, I couldn’t wait to see it. Having been a user of one of their previous themes for a while, I was eager to see how they created a true plug-and-play / drag-and-drop theme. By the way, this has never been done before.

Pageline's PlatformPro Theme Review

To be honest, when I installed the review theme I was overwhelmed. I had never seen so many options in a theme before. You can literally change everything – and true to their promise - without needing to know any code.

Right away, I started changing the location of the navigation bar, reformatting the footers and sidebars and adjusting from fixed width to full width and back again. I was looking for glitches, for errors and problems. But there wasn’t any. It easily adjusted and updated virtually instantly. There were no long wait times.

Forum Integration

The theme comes in two pay versions. A single pro license and a multi use developer license. The developer theme comes with forum integration – both with bbPress and BuddyPress. Both of these forums nicely “fit inside” of the theme, making it a consistent look and feel.

PlatformPro is made by Pagelines. Read the PlatformPro Profile.

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