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WordPress Theme Review: Genesis Framework

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The Bottom Line

If you’re new to blogging (or just want to get busy blogging) and don’t want to mess with the design then you should buy the Genesis Framework. Even if you are new to blogging and WordPress, you’ll easily get up and running in a couple of hours. Chose from one of the more than 38 child themes for a personalized design. In terms of ease of use, Genesis is the best theme I’ve ever tested.


  • The unlimited rule allows users to purchase just once and use it on all of their projects. Nice.
  • Thanks to the variety of child themes you’ll easily get the look you want.
  • The interface in the WP Dashboard allows significant theme changes without worrying about coding.


  • Site adjustments using the theme presets are not unlimited - some features cannot be changed.


  • The Genesis Framework is a WordPress theme for site and blog creation.
  • StudioPress make just this one theme - and it works really well.
  • There are 38 different child themes that work on the Genesis framework.

Guide Review - WordPress Theme Review: Genesis Framework

To test this framework, I exported a database file from another blog I run, and imported the file (with all posts, pages, comments and images) into the Genesis install on a new domain.

In a matter of minutes, I was able to configure the settings, widgets and colors. It worked really well. Once I had the database imported, I began changing though the child themes. I tested Lifestyle, Focus, Georgia and Nomadic.

  • Lifestyle Theme: Great as a travel blog theme, text is small, allowing lots of room for content. Comes with 10 color options and a great footer area.
  • Focus Theme: My favorite of the four child themes I tested. It is clean and has a really professional feel.
  • Georgia (Free): Very basic and clean. For simple and straight forward blogging this is a great choice.
  • Nomadic (Free): Very nice. Its clean, comes in two color options.

I recommend the Genesis Framework because it is stable, has tons of options and because it operates with a child theme format. The number of design options is really great - everything from layouts for real estate companies, news sites and community churches. Also included are photo and travel blog themes and even three free options.

If you are new to blogging, I recommend that you buy the Genesis platform (just $59.95) and use a free theme. As your skills improve and you get an idea of what you want to have in a blog, then you can upgrade to a premium theme (from $24.95 to $44.95). This will give you time to decide which one you want - or if you even want to use a premium theme at all. The free child themes are dynamic and might do all that you’ll ever need.

3 Options to Buy the Genesis Framework:

  1. Buy the Genesis Framework for $59.99 and use one of the free child themes.
  2. Buy the Genesis Framework with a premium child theme for $79.95 to $99.95
  3. Buy the Pro Plus Package for $299.95 and get everything.

What you get when you buy the Genesis framework:

  • The Genesis Framework
  • The Theme (or themes - depending on the package chosen)
  • Unlimited Updates, Support & Sites
  • Access to Detailed Tutorials

What “Unlimited” Really Means:

Many WordPress theme developers offer two options: a single site install or a developer license which means you can install the theme on more than one domain - even using it for client projects. What sets StudioPress apart is that they offer just one option - unlimited. With the purchase of Genesis framework, you are free to install it on as many of your sites (and/or client sites) as you wish. No extra costs.

If you are in Web design or run many sites then this one feature could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Not to mention the beauty of becoming familiar with the same theme for all of your sites. This will save a lot of time.

From StudioPress: Unlimited websites. There’s no “Developer Option” here. One low price entitles you to unlimited support, updates, and domains you can build on. If you’ve got multiple websites (or client projects), Genesis offers unparalleled value.

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