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Pagelines logo

Pagelines logo

Courtesy of Pagelines

Learn About Pagelines:

Pagelines is a private company that designs WordPress themes. Because of the flexibility of these WordPress themes, they refer to it as a "framework" - which is simply a powerful theme.

Learn how to design your blog with Pagelines or visit Pagelines.com.

Initially, Pagelines offered a set of themes that developers could choose from, depending on their design and function requirements. More recently, Pagelines has shifted to a single product model. Their framework theme comes in either a subscription or a purchase option. The primary reason for the shift, is that all variations can now be created with this one option. The framework is so flexible that menus, widths, sidebars, color and font are all easily adjusted from within the dashboard.

In addition to the manual non-coding customization of the theme, child themes (for use inside of the framework) are for sale in the PageLines Store. These are created by both company and independent designers.

Reviews of Pagelines:

One of Pagelines main selling features is that sites can be built without knowing code. This article explains just how that works: How To Build a Custom WordPress Site Without Coding.

Pagelines has released a number of themes and versions over the years. Here are some of the reviews:

Andrew Power, Founder of Pagelines

Company founder and owner: Andrew Powers. Read my interview with Andrew Powers of PageLines.

Comparing Pagelines to Other WordPress Developers

Pagelines is a member of a small group of framework developers. Others include Genesis and Thesis. Read this recent comparison: Genesis vs PlatformPro: WordPress Framework Comparison.

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