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Daily Operations for Your Web Based Business

Discover tips and tools to help you operate your online business from day to day. From usual business concerns to things specific to your online business.

12 Online Business Interviews
12 online business interviews with CEO's of online businesses, best selling business authors and marketing experts. Start your online business today.

What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking?
Learn how this software can dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend writing/typing each day. In this Q&A, I chat with George Khater, Head of Product Management & Marketing, Dragon Business Unit at Nuance Communications.

9 Online Backup Services

7 Amazing Adobe Productivity Tools
Adobe is known for making great design software. Creating websites and editing photos probably come to mind. But Adobe does much more. Here are a number of great productivity tools and services to help you run your online business better.

Launching Your Online Product: Lessons Learned
So you build a great online product. What about the launch? How will you attract attention and customers? In this feature interview Akshat Choudhary, creator of BlogVault, explains what he learned in his first product launch.

oDesk and the Future of Online Talent
Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, shares insight about oDesk and the future of online talent workplaces. Learn just what online talent can do and getting started.

How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Disaster
So much effort goes into blogging that sometimes security and stability get forgotten. In this feature interview with Akshat Choudhary, he discusses why every blog needs to be backed-up and how to do it using blogVault.

How to Launch Your Online Product
Launching your online product isn't all that difficult - if you learn from those who have done it successfully. In this feature interview Travis Ketchum explains how his first launch generated six digit sales in its first few months.

How To Use a Document Management System to Streamline Income Tax Filing
Shoeboxes of receipts and piles of files are no fun at tax time. Learn how a simple document management systems can make income tax filing faster and less painful.

Free e-Books From MakeUseOf
As part of our free e-Books series, we had to give this set its own page. MakeUseOf - under the slogan: Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips, has produced a huge set of How-To guides. Here they are:

Nitro Pro 7 Review: Create and Edit PDF Files
I have to admit that, until recently, I never even considered using anything besides to create, edit and view PDF files. They created the PDF format and they make great software. But as it turns out, they don’t have a monopoly on the PDF format. There are a number of alternatives to the very popular and comparatively expensive Adobe Acrobat,...

3 Ways to Outsource Your Business Tasks
3 Ways to Outsource Your Business Tasks - How to Get Started Outsourcing

How To Outsource - Outsourcing for Your Online Business

What is Elance? And the Future of Outsourcing

How to Run Your Business With Google Apps
Google Apps is an online office suite based on the relatively new concept of cloud computing. If you are considering this, then you're in good company. According to Google, more 2 million businesses are currently using Google Apps, with more than 3000 new customers signing up every day. Here's what you need to know:

Net Profit Book Review

Adobe Acrobat X Pro Review
Adobe Acrobat X Pro Review - What's New and Improved in Adobe's Latest Release. Create & Collaborate With Ease - New & Improved Features in Acrobat X Pro

What's Up With Cloud Computing?
Finding the prospect of hiring an IT Director, buying servers and maintaining software a little daunting? Or do you feel a little tied to your office/laptop and wish you could break the chain? Cloud computing can help.

The Best Free eBooks for Business
The Best Free eBooks for Business - 27 of The Best Free eBooks - Marketing, Lifestyle Design & More. By authors including: Seth Godin, Jim Kukral, Chic Thompson, Chris Guillebeau, Ann Holman, Jonathan Mead, Michael Martine, Guy Kawasaki and more.

How to Get Started in Social Media
Many new business owners feel overwhelmed when looking at social media. Where to start? Our expert panel advises just how to get started with social media marketing.

What is DomainHole.com?
Choosing a domain can be one of the most painful processes in building your online business. DomainHole.com makes it easy. Learn how: A good choice will reward you with easy branding and (hopefully) search traffic. A poor choice will push you to the bottom of search rankings and make it impossible to bring your product/site to the forefront of...

8 Steps to Create Your Business Identity
Creating a business identity is an essential task to open your doors for business, or "hang out your shingle", if you prefer. Here's an orderly and logical sequence of steps you can take to get your home business up and running by creating its identity.

Business Licenses and Permits: Getting Your Papers in Order
You'll have to deal with a fair amount of paperwork before opening your new business. In addition to registering your business and finding out whether you need a tax ID number, you may need local, state and federal business licenses and permits. This is a basic checklist of items to consider as you set up your business.

Where is Sprouter.com?
If you are starting-up, growing or running a business, then it is worth signing up. Be prepared to share – there is equal opportunity to help and be helped. Sprouter is an impressive network – your followers are actually like colleagues. Sprouter is more of a conversation than any other network I've seen.

Who To Follow on Twitter - Reader Respond with Their Favorite Tweeter…
Readers respond with their top Tweeters on Twitter about online business. Learn who the leaders are, and contribute your favorite.

Retail Pricing Strategies
There are many outside influences that affect profitability and a retailer's bottom line. Setting the right price is a crucial step toward achieving that profit. Retailers are in business to make a profit, but figuring out what and how to price products may not come easily.

6 Steps to Effective Small Business Credit Card Management
We've entered into a new age of credit for small business. New opportunities apply but credit debt still needs to be approached with caution. Over 2/3 of small businesses use a credit card for expenses with only 40% using a business credit card exclusively, as indicated by a Tower Group report. Should you use a small business credit card over a personal card?

How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing
Dave Kerpen, best selling author of Likeable Social Media, and co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, answers specific questions about getting started in social media. What are the best networks and tools? How can you balance content with sales promotions? And what are some common pitfalls to avoid? Dave covers all this and more in this...

Save Money With Used/Refurbished Furniture and Equipment
Most office furniture and equipment does not increase in value over time. Therefore you should look at these purchases as expenses, and not as investments. Of course everyone likes new things, but if you can be blatantly honest with yourself and ask the hard question, “Does it have to be new?”, you can save a lot of money.

Who to Follow on Twitter: Readers Respond
Who to Follow on Twitter - Top Tweeters on Twitter about Online Business

TalentEgg.ca Profile
TalentEgg is Canada's first, and arguably only, career site specifically for students and grads. Complete company profile.

myERP.com Profile
myERP.com Profile - Run Your Business in the Clouds with this Great Google App by Founder and CEO François Nadal

Super Competent Book Review
Super Competent Book Review - Laura Stack - Learn the Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best

Profile of Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance

How to Start Outsourcing

SquadHelp.com Review – CrowdSourcing Evolved
SquadHelp.com Review – CrowdSourcing Evolved

4 Top Sources of Free Business Ideas

What is Add-on Store by FreshBooks?
What is Add-on Store by FreshBooks? FreshBooks Expands Their Capability with Add-on Store

Adobe FormsCentral Review
Adobe FormsCentral is the new way to automate online data collection. Allow the cloud to collect and compile your important data. Build a custom form, or use one of the 14 included templates. Templates come in categories such as: feedback, marketing, registration and membership.

What is Freelancer?
Freelancer is one of the largest online marketplaces for outsourcing in the world. In this interview with CEO Matt Barrie, we discuss what Freelancer does and the future of outsourcing.

How To Start Outsourcing With Freelancer
Learning to outsource could be the best skill you will learn all year. In this comprehensive interview with Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie, we discuss the nuts and bolts of getting started.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards For Online Business / Web Hosting
The 2012 Readers' Choice Awards is an exciting time here at About.com. It is when we get to showcase services, tools and applications from dozens of categories. Here on the Online Business Site, we are accepting nominations in six categories. This is your chance to nominate your favorite provider, service or designer.

Photoshop CS6 For Bloggers, Marketers & Online Business Owners
Not sure if Photoshop is worth it for bloggers and online business owners? Do edited, quality photos really matter? Learn how Photoshop CS6 is a bloggers best friend.

What is the Adobe Creative Cloud? Should You Subscribe?
With the release of Adobe Creative Suite 6 (Adobe CS6) Adobe also announced that theyll offering the suite as a subscription. In addition to the subscription format, they are also offering integration of the software into their cloud, for sharing, syncing and collaborating. But the big question is: "Is it a good deal? Should I subscribe?"....

Review of BlogVault: WordPress Backup Service
Blogging takes up enough mental space without having to worry about potential crashes and malicious hacks. If you are serious about blogging you need a solid backup service that you can depend on. BlogVault is the best service I've tested and it will restore a site in minutes.

Punctuation at Work: Book Review
Punctuation is confusing and I dislike it. In many senses, proper punctuation isn't absolute but subjective. Surprisingly, Richard Launchman takes this perplexing topic and makes it clear and simple. The book made me laugh out loud a number of times - something I thought

Review of EchoSign by Adobe
EchoSign is an Adobe product that allows for fast, efficient and trackable contact signing. Because contracts can be signed online, delivery and technical delays are almost eliminated. Neither party requires special software or connection. Only a browser and a link are required to sign a contract. The link to the prepared contract is emailed to...

Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Version 12
Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a leading voice recognition software with multiple business applications. I just completed a four week test of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Version 12. This software is premium speech recognition at its best. This review was written 100% by spoken audio – no words were typed.

Profile of Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Nuance
Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a powerful software program that converts voice into type. Especially powerful for bloggers and online business owners, the application has the power to accelerate content creation.

Design a Blog with Pagelines
Designing your blog can be a complicated (and expensive) assignment. While WordPress is a powerful content management system, some of the themes are limited. Learn about Pagelines WordPress theme and how it might help simplify your blog design and management.

Bitcoin Basics: Getting Started
What is Bitcoin and who accepts it? How is it regulated and how does a Bitcoin transaction work? ?Bitcoin expert and entrepreneur, Zach Harvey, explains the Bitcoin basics (and more) in this feature interview.

Free Tools to Start Your Online Business

Learn About Email Marketing With AWeber
Learn About Email Marketing With AWeber, Interview with AWeber CEO, Tom Kulzer

FreshBooks.com - Faster Accounting & Invoicing
FreshBooks offers a new and easier way to handle invoicing and accounting for your online business. John Coates, Communications Manager at FreshBooks explains how they can save you time and money.

Email Marketing Service Review
Email marketing is an excellent way to build a community around your product offering. But how can you sort out all of the options? It can be pretty overwhelming. Here is a selection of four of the top email marketing services.

Review of Branding Basics for Small Business
Maria Ross is the author of Branding Basics for Small Business. She the owner of Red Slice, a consultancy that offers brand and messaging strategy and workshops to clients all over the world.

How to Hire Online Talent
In this feature interview, Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk shares the basics of hiring online talent for your online business using the oDesk marketplace. Straightforward advice that can be used today to start saving time and making money.

Google AdSense Approval in 8 Steps

{Infographic} Double Your Adsense Earnings in 5 Minutes a Day

SOS Online Backup

Carbonite Online Backup: Company Profile

SugarSync Online Backup: Company Profile

LiveDrive Internet Ltd: Company Profile

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