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Teamwork PM Project Management Software Review

Teamwork PM is Great for Freelancers and Small Teams

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Teamwork Project Manager (PM) is a Web based project management software for freelancers and small teams.

Each project can have milestones, tasklists and tasks, messages back-and-forth between team members (and clients), group editable documents, file sharing, and time tracking.

Fully Hosted, Web Based

You don't need to install anything. Teamwork PM is a hosted, subscription service. When you signup, you get a subdomain (eg., yourcompanyname.teamworkpm.net) for your company.

Bottom Line

Teamwork PM is a fantastic Web based project management tool for freelancers and small teams that do client work.

Teamwork PM Pricing

There is a free, never ending, fully featured plan. It includes 2 projects and 5 Mb storage.

Plans are limited by projects and file storage space. All plans allow for unlimited users and companies. Discounts are available if you pay annually instead of monthly.

Teamwork PM Plan Pricing:

  • FREE plan: 2 projects
  • $12/month: 5 projects
  • $24/month: 15 projects
  • $49/month: 35 projects
  • $99/month: 100 projects
  • $149/month: unlimited projects

Teamwork PM Features

These are features that are comparable to other Web based project management software. For each feature, I describe Teamwork PM's offerings, and compare it to the industry standard.

  • Projects - A project is the highest level of organization. Each project has milestones, tasklists and tasks, notes (wiki-like documents), time tracking, and file uploads. Users and company access is handled at the project level.

  • Time Tracking - You can log time spent doing tasks. Logged work can be marked as billable, which makes invoicing clients easier.

  • File Sharing - Files can be uploaded and shared within projects. Storage space for uploaded files is limited based on the plan you choose.

  • Tasklists and Tasks - Tasks (todo items) are grouped into tasklists. Lists can be tied to a milestone. A nice feature of Teamwork PM is the ability to comment on tasks. Sometimes, a task grows into a more complex action item, and having the ability to leave comments / progress reports is nice.

  • Notes - Notes are documents any team member can edit. Good for tracking projects specs, login information, or other reference material for the team.

  • Messages - Pretty standard fare. Projects have a message board so team members and clients can talk to each other. Messages can be emailed out to team members, and their email replies will be automatically added to the message board. This setup makes for easy team communication.

What's Exceptional

These are the features that make Teamwork PM stand out from other Web based project management software.

  • More Features and Cheaper Than Basecamp - There are many upstart services trying to copy Basecamp. Teamwork PM is one of the better ones.

  • Unlimited Companies and Users - Some online project management tools limit the number of active users allowed in their plan pricing.

  • Risk Register - A unique feature of Teamwork PM. The Risk Register is where you can post potential problems for the project. For each potential problem, you can assign it a priority (or likelihood of the problem appearing). This feature helps team members and clients watch out for potential snafus that can derail a project.

  • Email Integration - Get alerts and notifications via email. That's a standard feature. What's great is that you can reply to the message emails, and have your comment automatically appended to the message board for the project.

  • Tasklist Templates - If you have a standard checklist of tasks for every new client, you'll appreciate the ability to save tasklist templates.

  • Customer Service - I sent the Teamwork PM team some feedback while I was reviewing the service. They got back to me quickly (within 12 hours), and it wasn't even a form letter! They were genuinely concerned about the feedback, and will be implementing one of my suggestions in the next upgrade! Exceptional customer service means talking and listening to your customers, and Teamwork PM passes that test with flying colors.

What Could Be Better

  • Could Be Faster - I wouldn't call it slow, but the service can be snappier. This may just be because Teamwork PM is growing quickly at the moment. I've seen a lots of new recommendations for this service recently, and I expect the Teamwork PM team to add more hardware capacity soon to help alleviate the load.

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