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What is TweetAdder?

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TweetAdder is a Twitter management tool, created to automate the building of followers and manage incoming/outgoing direct messages.

Class of tool: Twitter Add-on Application

From Tweet Adder: Software that automatically builds up your Twitter Follower Network with like minded individuals for huge increase in your twitter marketing efforts: 5 targeted twitter searches, auto follow, auto unfollow, auto tweet, auto message, twitter trends, proxy supported, set it and forget it.

Software Cost: Pricing varies on the number of Twitter profiles you plan to manage with the program.

  • $55 (1 profile)
  • $74 (5 profiles)
  • $110 (10 profiles)
  • $188 (unlimited profiles)

TweetAdder offers free upgrades for life. Because its a download, there is no shipping cost.

What makes it different? TweetAdder is an inexpensive and smooth-working Twitter management tool. It can easily add 50-150 new followers to your account every day. And it is done without upsetting other users.

Popularity: Alexa site ranking: 15,912 (worldwide traffic rank) with 444 sites linking in.

Who is using? TweetAdder doesn't note user stats, but they do proudly say that "the creator of R2D2 in Star Wars" uses their program.

Ease of use: They have a few basic tutorials, which really are unnecessary. Provided that you have an understanding of Twitter, then you'll use this tool very easily.

Time to setup: Initial setup takes just a couple of minutes. Once you pay for the program, you can download and install. Simply enter your twitter username/password and you can log-in to the program. Once you're in, then you can begin following new users. Search for like-minded users with 5 criteria:

  • Profile information
  • Location
  • Content of tweets
  • Followers of another user
  • Users followed by another user

Time to maintain: Just a few minutes a day will take care of maintenance. Because it handles the sending of messages and the follow/unfollow process, your computer will need to be on to execute the process – which shouldn't take more than 1-2 hrs/day.

What you need to know: While this is automated, you still have full control of who to follow, how long to wait before you unfollow non-responsive users and what you'll say in your direct messages.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested to increase the amount of people who listen to your tweets, then this is a great tool. Because the program will automatically follow people with similar interests to yours and your tweets, then you can build a responsive following. To do this on your own, it would easily take a few hours every day. More than worth the cost.

A nice feature is that you can automate a "Welcome" or "Thank you" message to every new follower. Include a link to your website, a free download or simply say "thanks for following". It’s a nice touch.

Note: There is a need for caution with automation software. It's important to learn the risks before beginning.

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