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Reseller Web Hosting



Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that allows the user to resell space on the web hosting company's servers. This could be shared hosting or even dedicated server hosting depending on specific reseller hosting package purchased.

There are obvious benefits to reselling web hosting the most basic of which is another line of revenue for your company. Becoming a hosting reseller, allows your company the ability to provide a premium service without the capital investment of servers and related infrastructure.

Companies that should consider reselling web hosting:

  • Web designers: this is an obvious choice as they are already designing websites for the clients. They can simply upsell their clients with web hosting, and increase their profit per client. It's also easier for each client to not have to purchase hosting separately managed themselves.
  • Ad agencies and PR houses: especially for brochure style and simple websites it makes sense for the agencies to handle the hosting and the site all under one roof. It would complicate matters for the client to purchase their own hosting separately.

Examples of companies that offer reseller hosting:

There are some drawbacks to being web hosting reseller. Probably the greatest one would be technical support. While generating additional revenue for the company is good, fielding dozens of technical calls every time a website/server goes down can quickly reduce or completely consume the profitability of being a reseller.

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