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VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server



VPS stands for virtual private server. As the name suggests the server is not an actual dedicated or private server but a virtual one. This is a clear step up from using either free web hosting or shared web hosting but still lacks the power of a dedicated server. The virtual machine is completely dedicated to the specific customers requirements but because other virtual machines can also run on the same physical server the benefits of VPS still have certain limitations.

A clear benefit a virtual private server is that there are specific resources assigned to each website reducing the risk of the site crashing due to a high burst of traffic.

Many web hosts offer the full range from shared virtual private server and dedicated server. Other options include reseller hosting and free web hosting. Learn how to choose a web host before making a decision.

Examples of VPS web hosting:

If you expect significant traffic on your site you might consider starting your online business with a VPS web hosting service. Before you make your final decision, learn how to choose a web host.

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