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What is Shared Web Hosting?

Stable Hosting with Low Costs



Shared web hosting is just how it sounds. Your web hosting space is shared on a server with many other websites. A single server can easily host hundreds of web sites and blogs. This is the most common way to host a new web site. Visitors to your web site can't tell if you use shared hosting or a premium option, like managed web hosting.

8 Critical Points to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

The most obvious benefit is the price. Shared hosting is inexpensive. In fact, there isn't a cheaper way to host your site than with shared hosting.

Another benefit is that there isn't much to learn. Many of the shared web hosts have a one-click-install for tools like WordPress. Most of the shared hosts use a management tool known as C-Panel (abbreviated from Control Panel). C-Panel structures your hosting space, making it easy to build sites and manage email accounts.

Disadvantage of Shared Web Hosting

While the costs are low, there is a drawback to shared hosting. If another site on your server receives a boost in traffic, your site performance can reduce or maybe even crash. With a shared server, your site is always at the mercy of the other sites also hosted on it.

For a new site with low levels of traffic, a shared host is all that is needed. As traffic grows, many sites find it necessary to upgrade hosting to a more robust service.


Shared hosting is among the cheapest web hosting options available.

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