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What is an Opt-In Rate?



Opt-in rate refers to the percentage of site visitors who subscribe to your email list. Opt-in by its very nature, is voluntary. So site visitors must be given ample reasons to share their email address with you. An opt-in rate (or conversion rate) of anywhere from 1-5% is considered average, with 5% being exceptional.

How to Increase Your Opt-in Rates

There are a number of ways to increase opt-in rates. You can use a squeeze page, which presents a focused and convincing argument as to the benefits that they will receive by subscribing to your list.

Another method to increase your conversion rate is to use a pop-up tool. This tool will place your offer right in front of you site visitors, so they can't ignore it. They could close it, but not before seeing your offer. If you include compelling reasons to subscribe in this small pop up window you should see your opt-in rate increase significantly. Applying a few email marketing tips can help grow your business.

A pop up tool that stands out above the rest is Popup Domination. It works smoothly and can increase conversion rates by up to 500%.

Also Known As: conversion rate, opting in rate

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