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What is a Blogging Platform?



A blogging platform is the software or service that turn a regular site into a functioning blog. A blog platform is a specific form of a content management system.

A blog differs from a typical website in a number of ways.

In addition to a page, blogs also have posts. They are created in the same way as a page, but are different when published. Posts are typically dated and assigned to a specific author. Posts also are assigned to specific categories and tags to help readers discover new content. Search engines rank posts in a different way than pages as well.

Key factors in a blogging platform include:

  • Pages / Posts
  • Categories / Tags
  • Image / Post Management
  • Search Engine Optimized

Many blogging platforms offer a free and then premium option. Check out the ten best blogging platforms. Or maybe you’ll want to read about the top five free blogging platforms.

Examples of blogging platforms: WordPress, Blogger and Typepad.

Even within platforms, there are significant differences. You might settle on the WordPress platform. But did you know that there are two versions of WordPress? Check out: WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org - Whats the Difference?

Also Known As: content management systems, blogging software

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