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Selling Goods Online

Selling physical goods online has its own unique issues like shipping and handling, inventory management, and finding wholesale suppliers.
Yahoo! Store Review
Yahoo's fully hosted ecommerce has been around since 1998 and hosts more than 45,000 online businesses. It has a rich, mature and powerful feature set. Due to its popularity and long history, there is a large community of freelance designers, developers, and SEO consultants.
Shopify Review
Review of Shopify as an ecommerce solution for small business.
How to Buy Wholesale Merchandise
About Retailing guide Shari Waters explains the basics of buying products wholesale.
5 Online Marketplaces for Selling Handmade Goods
Review of 4 websites that focus on letting artisans sell their handmade goods online. Includes eBay, Etsy, DaWanda, and Lov.li.
List of Alternate (non-eBay) Online Auction Sites
A list of online auction websites that provide a service similar to eBay.
Highly Successful Ecommerce Websites
A look at some of the more successful e-commerce sites on the Web and see how they balance content with marketing and sales techniques to get people to not only return to the site, but buy.
8 Rules for an Ecommerce Business
Successful ecommerce website design starts with applying the basics of retail success. These 8 tips provide a solid foundation for your ecommerce business.
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