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Web Hosting is a critical piece to the success of your online business. You'll want a web host that provides plenty of space, fast load times, and 24/7 customer support.  Discover the best web hosting accounts based on your web hosting needs and budget.
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The Top 10 Premium Web Hosts
While there are lots of inexpensive web hosts there are significant benefits to using a premium hosting service. They are generally more stable and able to handle higher levels of traffic. Also, virtual and dedicated servers aren't affected by other users traffic. If you have big plans for your blog, you should consider a premium web host.

Register.com Hosting Review
Before I get started with this review of Register.com, I want to note that I’m not a fan of writing negative reviews. But these four reasons are compelling enough to choose another host. Here is what you need to know.

Register.com Profile
Learn about hosting your web site with Register.com. They are one of the original web registrars, being formed back in 1994. Since it's founding, it has changed owners a number of times until it was purchased in 2010 by Web.com, the current owners.

What is a Domain (and Directory) Pointer?
Many web hosting companies note domain (and directory) pointers as a feature. Just what does it mean?

Network Solutions Review
Network Solutions is a powerful hosting service that can grow with your site. Choose the basic package to get started and upgrade as your site traffic increases. Their basic site builder tool is great for building your first site. Being one of the larger (and longest established) hosts can give you confidence in the stability of their service....

Learn about 1and1 Web Hosting
1and1.com is one of the largest web hosts in the world - and certainly a favorite among our readers. As a web host, they cater to both beginners and more advanced site designers and online business owners.

Best Web Hosting Basics: Network Solutions
Looking to choose the best web hosting for your business? Learn the web hosting basics in this feature interview with Sangeetha Narasimhan of Network Solutions.

What is Managed WordPress Web Hosting?
Managed web hosting can remove much of the stress and headaches from running your site/blog. Learn just what it is and how it can help reduce technical problems with your business.

Review of WP Engine: Managed WordPress Hosting
If you don’t have the desire (or ability) to manage your own hosting then WP Engine is a great option for your WordPress blog. You focus on your business and they focus on the back-end. WP Engine provide fast servers, managed upgrades and site transfers, and a site staging area. The staging feature allows you to try and

Review of MyWebsite - a Website Building Tool by 1and1.com
MyWebsite is an application by 1and1 that takes the coding (and design charges) out of Web site design. For a small monthly fee uses can design functional and basic ecommerce Web sites. Read the full review.

Learn About MyWebsite Building Tool with 1&1
Lauren Whitson is 1and1 company spokesperson. In this in-depth interview, she discusses 1&1's popular site building tool: MyWebsite. Before you begin studying HTML and CSS take a few minutes to see if this application might be all you need to build your Web site.

Web Hosting Question & Answer With 1&1 Internet
Lauren Whitson is 1and1 company spokesperson. In this in-depth interview, she discusses hosting functions and how to choose a host. Take a few minutes to educate yourself about hosting before you make a purchase decision.

Review Your Web Hosting Company
Review Your Web Hosting Company - The Best and the Worst! Your Web host is your home to your online business. A good host will make your life easy, helping you focus on running your business. A bad host will make your life ... difficult, to say the least. Check out these candid user responses. The best (and the worst) of Web hosts for online...See submissions

Cheapest Web Hosting
Cost control is critical when starting your online business . Finding a reliable and cheap Web host is an important step in setting up your online business. When choosing a Web host , price can often be one of the biggest factors. Sorting through the web hosting options can be pretty overwhelming. And it can be hard to tell what is...

How to Find a Web Host
Seems like a simple enough task: Choose a Web hosting company. Maybe you could just Google it ... 193,000,000 search results for "Web host". Now what? Before you touch your mouse you need to determine two things:

Web Host and ISP: What’s the Difference?
As you begin the planning of your new online business, there will be lots of terms that seem to mean the same thing. Don’t confuse these two terms: Web host and ISP. You’re going to need both, and they are quite different.

Before You Choose a Web Hosting Service
In order to get your Web page on the Internet, you need a hosting service provider. They range from free services with few options up to expensive business hosting and even hosting you run yourself. Which option you choose depends upon how you plan to use your Web site, how much you want to spend, and how much time you want to spend maintaining the servers that make up the Web site.

10 Worst Web Hosting Providers
As Rated by About.com Readers

My Web Hosting Horror Story - Readers Share Their Nightmares
Solid Web hosting is the foundation of every online business. But sometime the foundation cracks, crumbles or even completely disintegrates. Enjoy this collection of frightful, negligent and down right awful stories - and be glad that they didn't happen to you. Or has it? Share your rant here.

Best Web Hosting
Who hosts your online business? Your Web host is one of the most important providers in your business. Learn more about choosing a Web host and how to find the cheap hosting company.

Top 5 Managed WordPress Web Hosts
Sometimes running a blog can feel more technical than creative. Managing plugins, themes and hosts can distract time and energy away from actually running your business. The alternative to the do-it-yourself hosting solutions is a managed WordPress host. Here are the top five:

What is Shared Web Hosting?
Shared web hosting is just how it sounds. Your web hosting space is shared on a server with many other websites. A single server can easily host hundreds of web sites and blogs. This is the most common way to host a new web site.

What Is WP Engine?
Learn how a managed WordPress host, like WP Engine, can simplify your site management and help you focus on running your site. WordPress expert Austin Gunter explains managed WordPress hosting.

Best Web Hosting Basics: Register.com
Ready to choose the best web hosting for your business? Learn the web hosting basics in this feature interview with Sangeetha Narasimhan of Register.com.

Learn About Hosting with WP Engine
WP Engine is a specific type of web host, known as managed hosting. Essentially, the hosting company cares for much (if not all) of the technical stuff so you can focus on running your business. Read the full review and feature interview with WP Engine.

Best Web Hosting Basics: MyHosting.com
Ready to choose the best web hosting for your business? Learn the web hosting basics in this feature interview with Tim Attwood of myhosting.com.

Cheapest Domain Name Registrations
Domain names range in cost from "free" to $35 or more per year. Google the term "cheap domain name" and youll get 11,700,000 results. Thats a...

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