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Reader Submissions: Tell Us About Your Online Business Blog


Do you have a business blog? Is your blog a significant part of your online business? Why not share your blog with us? Simply enter your details below.

We are looking for two types of blogs:

  1. Blogs for your online business: Can be about pets, paragliding or pedicures - as long as its your online business, or
  2. Blogs about doing business online: Can include tools, tactics or techniques for an online business.

We want to know: 1) topics you cover, 2) how you got started, and 3) lessons learned.

Entries must be in English. All entries are moderated and spam will be deleted. Please: only one blog per submission.

Ask Emily - Advice Blog

I use Dinstudio. I don't have a business I just love to help. I have always loved to give advice to people and I don't like to just talk I wanted to be able to talk to a lot of people. I am young and…More

LinchpinSEO Small Business Marketing

I have always been interested in sharing information and so a few years back I started a blog to share my thoughts about small business marketing to help the local businesses around Chicago.It helps …More

NotByLaser - Hand Crafted Vinyl Record Art

I heard from my sister-in-law that WordPress was a great blogging site so I gave it a try. I definitely am a beginner blogger, but this site has already shown at least 600 people what I do. This is g…More


I am a freelance website designer, I set my website and blog up by myself! I can help you do it too! I believe it will help my business as well as benefit thouse who read it. If you would like to wri…More

Site prebuilder - the online business specialist

Site prebuilder is a companion blog for the books and courses (covering everything from web development to SEO & marketing) written by me, David Mercer, and provides a platform for my readers, and th…More

the internet : intelligence blog

Next to consulting, I spend most of my time teaching. When business was slower back in 2006, I started blogging first thing every morning as a way to put down my ideas. The version of WordPress I use…More

The Beautiful Blog - Amanda Furbeck

I chose blogger.com to host my blog because it's free and very easy to use. In the past, I've written my own HTML, and setup my blog from scratch, but I found that using bloggers platform frees up mo…More

Pooch Talk: Chemical Free Pooch Blog

When my web store was set up the blog was included, the platform is Joomla. My "go to" web guy set the platform up for me and is providing guidance, but I'm doing the work, the design is my creation …More

Whitfield Consulting - Bizcommunicator's blog

WordPress was recommended for my use and I highly recommend it. I am a business junkie and eat, drink, and breathe customer service/retail. I blog to expand my audience, seek clients, and promote my …More

The Money MatchMaker - Negotiation for Women

I set up my own blog through Trial and Error, the first was pretty nasty! (But my bad blog is better than the one I didn't have!)I use wordpress, found it easy to follow.I blog because I want to help…More

Timberlane Kennels, Inc.

Our web designer set up our Blog for us. We use Google's Blogger.We use our BLOG to keep our clients updated as to new products we offer or ventures we've become involved with, as well as to help att…More

Princeton Van Service Blog

We are also using Blogger which our web designer suggested, and set up our for us. We like it because it is really easy to use and because Google crawls and posts our entries out there pretty quickly…More

Invest & Aspire: Nina's Home Income Opportunities

I was rookie investor not long ago myself and have made countless of mistakes, losing money on programs that I thought was legitimate but turned out to be scam, over and over again.However, I didn't …More

Double Treble Custom Guitars

Our web designer set up our blog for us. We use Google's Blogger based on their recommendation. Our blog is relatively new; our goal is to post information and images that are relative to guitars. We…More

ScentTrail Marketing

I was an E-Commerce Director managing a multimillion dollar web site needing to know how search engines worked so I picked a term "scenttrail" with a handful of documents returned and started bloggin…More

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