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By Cathy Demers

Business Success Cafe

Register to Attend the Business Success Cafe - The Perf

Business Success Cafe

The Perfect Coffee Break! Free Education and Insider Se

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Business Success Cafe

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The perfect 20 minute coffee break for small business owners and it's free. Weekly webinar with tips, information and insider secrets to help small business owners be successful. Global experts share their knowledge in specific areas important to all small business owners.

How I Got Setup Blogging - And How It Helps My Business

I used Wordpress to setup the blog and to allow business owners to register to attend the free Business Success Cafe. I change it weekly, updating it with new topics and speakers from around the world. I also use it to keep my readers informed about other great resources to help small business owners, like Business Mastermind Teams at www.Business-Mastermind-Teams.com.

I offer excellent information of value to small business owners who attend the Business Success Cafe and for members of Business Mastermind Teams. I not only provide tools that help others, but build relationships with small business owners that are a fantastic win/win for us both.

Lessons Learned

  • It's important to keep the content fresh, interesting and most of all valuable. Simple and clean web designs work best and make it easy to announce new Business Success Cafe topics each week.
  • Also, wordpress makes it easy to add a video that explains what the blog is about. Wordpress is a great platform since it has many users and therefore a lot of information is out there and easy to find. And since wordpress is easy to use, it's fast to update the blog [plus fast to get it setup].

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